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The Legend of Futian

NovelThe Legend of FutianThe Legend of Futian
Chapter 2522 – A Trade picture neighborly
Ye Futian nodded and went close to the existing guy. The earlier male squatted and unfolded the parchment. Ye Futian bought just a little energized after looking at it. While it was only section of the alchemy system, he had a hunch which it was stronger as opposed to one he handed down from Superior Deity Donglai. He failed to discover it weird that no person had maintained to get it however.
In the near future, Ye Futian retracted light, as well as the outdated man offered him a safe-keeping engagement ring. “It has exactly what you need from it.”
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Which was how trades of priceless treasures went. Each of them needed the specific issues they were looking for.
“Of program.” The earlier guy nodded. “I are in this article for some time. I can’t be lying down to you.”
That divine awareness was certainly of Li Qingfeng. He was tracking Jiuyi Location and everyone that emerged and still left.
The stall belonged to an ancient mankind that checked much like a sage. He had a white colored beard, white head of hair, rosy cheeks, and vivid vision and is in an effective state of mind. It was subsequently a strong Pract.i.tioner around the Level-Nine Renhuang Jet.
Jiuyi Community was sealed, although the hubbub of Jiuyi Town had not been infected. People today trapped in the area lived in the same old way as usual. Jewel forex trading certainly would not prevent.
Chapter 2522: A Deal
“Li Qingfeng employed his Good Direction area to seal off the Jiuyi Location?” inquired Ye Futian outside of desire.
“After the burglary on the Deity Road map, Li Qingfeng, the pinnacle from the Wind Pavilion, enclosed the Jiuyi Metropolis. This is the key spot and typically the most popular trade facility of Jiuyi Hill. It really is found within the highest from the celestial mountain. Everyone is only permitted to enter the metropolis however not capable to depart. You will have a stringent human body hunt for anybody that wishes to depart. No well-regarded Pract.i.tioners will tolerate that. Nevertheless, it is exactly as a consequence of Li Qingfeng’s demanding regulations that the Deity Guide might certainly be in the Jiuyi Location.”
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That has been how his stall drew the attention of numerous powerful individuals each and every time he proved up.
He came to the top of Jiuyi Celestial Mountain soon. It was subsequently a town constructed for the winding mountain range. However, there was clearly a awful Sword World deployed outside there. The Sword Realm dealt with a substantial spot and had infinite Sword Will sweeping inside. The murderous motive inside was formidable. Simple sensing of the effectiveness of the Sword World makes Renhuang cultivators’ hearts and minds overcome rapidly.
That was how transactions of treasured treasures gone. They all wished the actual issues people were requiring.
“A top rated alchemy strategy?” Ye Futian heard them articulate in reduced voices.
The earlier person smiled. He then said to Ye Futian via speech transmitting, “Young buddy, remember to use caution. Lots of people are staring. Do not go ahead and take thing out of your ring rashly.”
He arrived at the top of Jiuyi Celestial Hill soon. It absolutely was a town developed about the winding mountain collection. On the other hand, there seemed to be a dreadful Sword Realm used outside there. The Sword Kingdom included a large spot and had infinite Sword Will sweeping inside. The murderous motive within was formidable. Mere sensing of the potency of the Sword Realm makes Renhuang cultivators’ hearts overcome quickly.
“Great.” Ye Futian nodded. He said anything on the older guy via voice transmitting. He then requested, “What do you think?”
Jogging casually for the trail, he located quite a few goods were definitely associated with elixirs. They had been possibly elixirs or elements to help make elixirs or elixir recipes. Along with the business men here had particular requirements for those products and solutions they wished for. The majority of them would establish what they exactly planned to buy and sell.
Nonetheless, even though the Western side Imperial Palace got showed up, it failed to modify the scenario. As an alternative, they did not thoughts Li Qingfeng preserving the metropolis closed. After all, they did not want the Deity Guide to generally be taken out of the town, sometimes.
“That’s appropriate,” replied the guy via voice transmission. “Li Qingfeng gets stressed now. Because of the particularity from the Pract.i.tioners on the Jiuyi Celestial Mountain peak, securing this town downward is the strictest gauge he can acquire. It is extremely hard to search everyone’s entire body. That will upset a lot of people and cause harm to his interests. Nonetheless, he hasn’t located the Deity Map still, and using the excellent Route domain to close off the metropolis is taking in him drastically. Aside from, a growing number of unfamiliar powerful cultivators are returning. Li Qingfeng began to stress. The specific situation is getting out of his control. The moment the powerhouses from those top causes meddle in, he will totally reduce his proper grip in the problem.”
Jiuyi Metropolis was closed, even so the hubbub of Jiuyi Location was not impacted. Persons kept in this town lived in the usual way as always. Jewel investing certainly would not end.
That was how deals of priceless treasures decided to go. Each will sought the particular items these folks were searching for.
“Is this the whole alchemy process?” inquired Ye Futian.
“Great.” Ye Futian nodded. He said one thing to your outdated man via sound transmitting. He then requested, “What do you think?”
Jogging casually over the trail, he located numerous goods ended up connected with elixirs. These were either elixirs or ingredients to produce elixirs or elixir meals. Along with the business men listed here acquired particular requirements to the products and solutions they needed. Most of them would establish what we exactly want to business.
“The G.o.ddess informed me to record to Renhuang Ye regarding the information and facts the Western side Imperial Palace has accumulated,” said the person. He proceeded, “There is often a pressure headquartered about the Jiuyi Celestial Mountain peak for a long time. About twenty percent from the prize trades here are under their regulate. That force is named the Breeze Pavilion, together with its Pavilion travel, Li Qingfeng, is among the most effective Alchemy Experts during the To the west Seas Domain name. The Breeze Pavilion was the first one to generate news reports with regards to the Deity Road map. They performed that only as the road map have taken, but we can’t exclude the chance that it’s a trick. As for the intruder, it’s said to be another legendary guy coming from the Western Sea Area called Daoist Monk Mu or Thief Mu. He is proficient at the ability of Conceal. He could change how he appears to be and constrain and change his atmosphere. A complete wizard inside the Western Ocean Domain name. His cultivation point is unfathomable, but his pace is substantially more remarkable.
Ye Futian more rapid and penetrated the Sword World to enter town without difficulty. It absolutely was as a result of Li Qingfeng considering that he let Ye Futian pa.s.s. International Pract.i.tioners would not be able to type in normally. Ye Futian undoubtedly noticed a divine awareness dedicated to him while browsing through the Sword Realm.
There was clearly something more important in the storage area ring. It searched such as an aged reel. He reviewed it out together with his divine consciousness and located it obtained an image, which appeared to be a map.
Ye Futian accelerated and penetrated the Sword Realm to go in the city with ease. It had been as a result of Li Qingfeng given that he simply let Ye Futian pa.s.s. Unfamiliar Pract.i.tioners would be unable to type in usually. Ye Futian undoubtedly discovered a divine consciousness aimed at him while under-going the Sword World.
Ye Futian was stunned the fact that guide were robbed, therefore, the media was probably genuine. The components of information and facts he obtained obtained added in up.
That Renhuang handled Ye Futian immediately. After bowing at Ye Futian, who failed to stop soaring, the person said via tone of voice transmitting, “Renhuang Ye, I am just a Pract.i.tioner through the West Imperial Palace.”
Ye Futian was hovering across the Jiuyi Celestial Mountain toward the profound section of its.
There seemed to be something else in the safe-keeping engagement ring. It checked as an classic reel. He reviewed it out with his divine awareness and discovered it experienced a photograph, which seemed to be a roadmap.
That has been how investments of precious treasures moved. Each will desired the actual stuff they had been requiring.

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